ApiBoost Pro pollen substitute

ApiBoost Pro 

Pollen is the primary source of protein for brood rearing,
overall colony development, and the longevity of adult workers.
The availability of pollen-rich flora is not consistent throughout the year.
To maintain colony strength by enhancing brood survival and the lifespan of adult bees,
we have developed innovative pollen substitute APIBOOST PRO.
It is a product with a high percentage of protein from plant origin and an optimised amino acid complex.


While formulating this product we made a lot of research with Faculty of Agronomy.
The obtained results show a significant difference in the number of frames occupied by bees and brood in the test groups compared to the control group. The control group was not fed during the period of late winter and early spring. The number of frames occupied by litter was on average 1 frame higher in the test groups at the tested locations. These results confirm the justification of stimulating feeding of bee colonies with special cakes in late winter and early spring. The goal of such feeding is to prepare the bee colony for the use of the main honey pasture in the spring – acacia pasture as the most important honey pasture in these regions. Research has shown that stimulating feeding with special cakes ensures a significantly higher number of bees in the hive. Bee colonies prepared in this way are more vital, more resistant to diseases and can more easily reduce the stress caused by the absence of honey pasture and ultimately. When all the conditions for successful beekeeping of honey plants are met, fed communities will bring significantly larger amounts of honey to the hive.

When to use ApiBoost Pro pollen substitute

We recommend initiating bee feeding about 2 months before the true onset of winter,
followed by two more feedings throughout the winter period. As early spring approaches,
it’s advisable to provide nourishment to the bees about 2 weeks before the plants start to bloom


Plant source protein, Lecithin, Aromatic oil,
Antioxidant, Lipids, Seaweed, Added complex of
amino acids, Complex of vitamins and minerals.

Preparing patties with APIBOOST PRO:

prepare heavy syrup (invert syrup,
HCFS, or sugar syrup) 33%,
mix slowly and add
into mixture 47% of grounded
crystal sugar.
Mix until it reaches wanted consistency.

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