ApiEnergy sugar syrup

ApiEnergy Syrup

ApiEnergy Syrup

This syrup provides bees with essential nutrients to maintain their health and vitality. Especially during periods when natural sources of nectar are insufficient.

The Bee Api Energy Syrup is carefully crafted to supply bees with all the necessary components for their nutrition. Glucose and fructose, naturally present in flower nectar, provide a quick and readily available source of energy for the bees. This syrup is produced using enzymes to ensure optimal conversion of sugars, resulting in low levels of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF). This is important because a high level of HMF can be harmful to bees, while a low level of HMF ensures a safe and nutritious option for them.

Api Energy Syrup is ideal for bee overwintering during the winter months. It can also be used as supplemental feeding when natural nectar sources are unavailable or limited. By providing bees with essential nutrients, this syrup helps maintain strong and healthy bee colonies. It’s also useful for stimulating the development of new colonies, as it supplies the necessary energy for comb building and brood rearing.

Api Energy is a Croatian product, crafted with careful ingredient selection and expert approach. Agro Simpa, the company behind this product, is dedicated to supporting beekeepers and bee care. We are offering high-quality products that promote the health and productivity of bee colonies. Choose Api Energy Syrup and ensure optimal nutrition for your bees, contributing to their well-being and successful cultivation.

Due to changing and unpredictable weather conditions, bee feeding has become necessary if we want to ensure a healthy and proper development of bee communities, as well as high-quality and abundant honey production.

Syrup composition:

55% fructose and 40% glucose.

Main product features:

Very low HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural)

Without GMO substances

Obtained by enzymatic production

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