Food production modes

Multiannual research showed that cakes made with fructose-glucose syrup or with acids contain high levels of HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural), a harmful ingredient for the bees. That toxin is the cause for up to 15% of dying bees. The only possibility of avoiding HMF is working with enzymatic production method. Beside containing minimum levels of HMF, the cake obtains some additional characteristics. Such cakes are usually white coloured, do not crumb and do not trickle at higher temperatures.

HONEY BEE PRO cake is produced exclusively with the enzymatic method. Our contemporary production of cakes includes using the German recipe and all raw materials from the EU. The HONEY BEE PRO supplemental food comes in standard packages of 1 kg or 2 kg, depending on the customer’s wishes. The Agro Simpa d.o.o. team, together with food technologists, chemists and beekeepers, manufactures a high-quality product for bees. Microcrystals in the size of up to 10 microns allow for less energy expenditure for the bees while feeding and ensure the cake’s viscosity. All analyses of the input raw material as well as the final product are made in Croatian Veterinary Institute and we use our own laboratory.