Pollen patty

A large amount of brood in early spring is the main goal of every beekeeper. Protein has some vital implications in the development of a colony. Also, the colony must have enough protein to feed the brood. Pollen is the natural bee collected protein utilised by honey bees. Pollen contains most of the minerals and vitamins required by honey bees and is an essential part of any supplementary bee ration when the bees have little or no natural pollen coming through the hive’s entrance. The Pollen patties are intended for spring stimulating feeding of the bee colonies to enable rapid development for a more effective utilization of the spring pasture. HONEY BEE PRO Pollen patty is a mixture of sugar and pollen mixed together. Conventionally used as a spring feed to stimulate brood rearing early it can also be powered at other times of the year, including the fall and is particularly recommended for the queen bee. Bees need both pollen and sugar to increase good queen bees and pollen can provide this. We put gamma irradiated sterilized pollen and only this way sterilization method vitamins and proteins are protected and offer best quality for bee feeding. The protein that pollen provides is vital to brood production and the development of young bees. The protein pollen provides is essential for hive growth.