Protein patty

HONEY BEE PRO protein patty is used in an early-spring period to stimulate the queen bee.

A large amount of brood in early spring is the main goal of every beekeeper. Protein has some vital implications in the development of a colony. Beekeepers should help bees with additional feeding, often with pollen substitutes and probiotics and vitamin-mineral-amino acid preparations. The most common reason for additional nutrition of bees in the spring is insufficient or inadequate source of protein in nature. If the bee colony has no adequate source of protein, it will weaken significantly because it cannot deal with the most important spring business – breeding brood, a new generation of bees. Only colonies that are in good shape can face this challenge. The only solution is feeding with stimulating protein patties or pollen patties. Increasing number of bees in colony directly increases total possibility for honey production. More bees more honey. HONEY BEE PRO Protein patty is used in an early-spring period to stimulate colony. It is contained of sucrose 73%, enzymatically inverted syrup 22% (glucose, fructose, water) minerals and vitamins with the addition of high quality proteins. The Protein patties are also made using newest enzymatic technology production with very low HMF and it is GMO-free.