Thymol patty

Thymol is a powerful disinfectant and fungicide and acts by its vapors. The concentration of the substance in the air poses no risk to bees, but is toxic to the Varroa mite. The bees distribute them in the hive by their activity. In addition, the external temperature is important: the efficacy is highest when the temperature ranges between 15-30°C (59-86°F). Adding HONEY BEE PRO THYMOL patties is effective way in controling varoa mites. Also feeding colonies with thymol may represent an efficient way of reducing nosema infection in the hive, as results from this experiment show that, in laboratory conditions, bees fed with thymol have lower spore loads and live longer than control bees*. *Apidologie 41 (2010) 141-150
Ingredients: Sucrose, invert sugar, thymol.