What is food for bees?

Honeybees are vegetarians. Natural diet of adult honeybees consists of pollen and nectar they collect in nature, foraging on great variety of plants, some more often, and of course, honey. Honey and pollen serve as food for the queen bee and worker bees in the cluster during winter months, and while the surrounding plants don’t produce nectar. Sometimes it is insufficient for contemporary commercial beekeeping, where every hive must also have its commercial calculation. During periods when nectar forage is low and insufficient, bees start collecting juices from overripe fruits and juices produced by some scale insect species, then process and store them in the comb inside the hive. Of course, that is a highly valuable nutrient, however, for bee colonies to survive the winter or to raise the young such honey is not suitable for feeding. In bees without other food sources it can cause indigestion, and even loss of colony in case the bees enter the winter period feeding on such honey.